Movie review #6 – Franklyn… A journey in the human mind.

movieposterDirector: Gerald McMorrow
Year: 2008
Language: English

«If a god is willing to prevent evil, but not able, then he is not omnipotent.
If he is able but not willing, then he must be malevolent.
If he’s neither able or willing, then why call him a god?»

If you want to see a movie that is going to speak about the marvels of the human imagination but at the same time the abyss of pure madness this is your movie.

An hour and an half watching the stories of four people split between London and the meanwhile city that in a massive gear of events going to convert in the last few minutes.

God and the concept of faith had even a big meaning in the plot as the concept of butterfly effect but in a kinda different way because don’t involve the usual time travel that change the history but touch the concept of the future and the possibility of meeting people in the future and change their life.

If this is not enough for give you the wish to see this movie let me spoiler you that Eva Green is in the cast and yes… I think this is an important motivation for see this.



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Obscurials in the mankind

Even if I’m not the kind of fan who make theories and read all the books hundred times, I loved every single Harry Potter movie and even Fantastic Beasts…

Is impossible to don’t like the way in which a woman converted all her frustration, all her sadness in an unforgettable opera. But I guess that this is the main concept of art: Keeping out all your feelings and converting them into passion.

In the last movie we known this new black creature, the result of the suppression of a gift. We can not use magic because the other will not understand… Yes the magic, our magic, our imagination, our passions, our skills and the possibility to show to all of us that we can do something of majestic…

They don’t understand. Not because they are not able to do something great. Understand me guys. I have total and unconditioned hope that every body can be the smith of unimaginable… But they don’t understand and they will not.

But maybe we are wrong. Maybe this is the reality. Maybe  none of us is special at the end and we are crazy to think that something of amazing can be forged in our brain.

So? So we must suppress that spark, we must kill that before someone could see us.

Is not a big matter because this dark creature can be buried inside us and never come out. The real purpose of our life is to stay eight hours for days doing something we don’t give a fuck. Because this is normal…

Yes! This is what happen nowadays and this dark force is inside all of us… And for the our humanity’s sake we must to find the courage to free this indomitable force into the world. And don’t worry will not destroy the planet like in the movie but will surely change our world and society, almost like a good idea.

The main moral of this post is to find the courage to convert your passions and skills into something amazing… Exactly like aunt Joanne did. Or maybe, mentioning Inception:

«Do you want to take a leap of faith or become an old man filled with regret waiting to die alone?»

I’m not the person that have the right to read in her mind and pretty surely she didn’t meant this when she created the obscurials but, like in every art piece there is an high variety of reading keys and damn… This is one.


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What are you doing for the end of the world? – The final chapter

We had finally reach the end of this first small adventure back to the future or there and back again… No! Ok. Stop to plague amazing titles.

I’d really appreciate if you can leave a feedback about this my first story. If I must to be honest this is not the best plot in my arsenal but when I got the idea I wrote the story and I just wanted a feedback by the world so here we are. I really hope you enjoyed.

Chapter 4:
You couldn’t forget travel like this.
The way out is fast. They use the vortex but, still, everything seemed like a time hurricane.
Oscar is thrown into the main city park.
He stumbles out of the capsule, and collapses onto the ground.
He vomits, but knows he needs to run.
It is 11:13pm, 5/7/2015.
Twenty minutes later, Oscar finds himself in the centre of the city. His smartphone makes
the familiar bip bip bip sound. His copy is about to arrive.
He reaches the coordinates and enters a small shop to disguise himself.
Just then, a spark appears on the other side, and the copy emerges.
Oscar hides himself behind the counter. The spectre is there, looking exactly like a man.
Oscar throws himself from his hiding place and lands a punch on the copy, causing him to fly into the air.
The creature shouts. «You created us, why do you want to kill us now?» it asks, grabbing
Oscar by the neck.
«I was wrong to create you! It’s an error I want to rectify!» he replies with a kick.
Another bip bip bip sounds. Khard is coming.
Oscar and his clone head outside and continue fighting on the road. Oscar uses a piece of
glass to stab the ghost, which merely dissolves into the air.
Meanwhile, Khard is fast approaching the house. Oscar knows he needs to be faster and
take a different route.
He breaks the lock of the back door, despite knowing about the spy, but has no time to
think clearly.
The room is enormous, and draped with huge red curtains.
The place is remarkable: full of elaborate technology, and relics of the past and future.
The items are such that mankind cannot even dream of.
Oscar scans the room, looking for Khard. He sees him mingling with the guests. He is
currently speaking with Natasha, before moving on to the starmen.
What Oscar does not realise, however, is that Khard knows he is there. Khard is directing
his gaze straight towards the red curtain, despite Oscar being well hidden.
«Stop!» he shouts, as Khard begins his speech. All heads turn towards him.
«Who are you?» asks his past self.
«Well… It’s hard to explain» replies Oscar. Turning to Khard he yells: «You! Don’t press
the button!»
Turning back to the people, he begins again. «My name is Oscar Numa, I’m the owner of
this place, now. And, at this very moment…» He pauses. «Well, I’m responsible for
destroying the world. Everything will be gone, because of this family. My family». He looks
to his wife and son. «If we continue the way we’re heading, we will lose our humanity. We
cannot become gods, as we once thought we could. We are incapable of the
responsibility. We must be content as humans, mere humans».
Khard is crying; he understands the mistake he was close to making. With a final look at
the two Oscars, he disappears into the air as though he had never existed.
At this point, everyone in the room is returned to their respective times. Oscar is left
standing face-to-face with his past self. There is a moment of silence as the two observe
each other, seeming to understand the other’s thoughts.
According to certain theories, if a time traveller should meet another version of himself,
some kind of paradox is created. Though, saying that, we don’t really understand much
about time travel.
What is clear is that, at that moment, the two Oscars linked back together: their memories
of present and future joined in one person.
At the end of the story, we know that the real cause of the end of the world is the star
beings of the galaxy sector 85u.


– Edited by: Imogen Stirling

First chapter -> Here
Third chapter -> Here (Previous chapter)

Now please, If you survived till now I’ll be happy if you could leave a feedback about the story.

This will help me to understand how to approach the next publication.



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Movies: Old vs new

downloadI recently saw the trailer of the next Jumanji movie… Please, don’t and please… Don’t even try to spoil your childhood with that.

But this gave me the chance to think about a simple question: Are old movie better than new one?

There is a lot of people that think that actually hollywood is ruined by money and poor ideas and it is true… But, there is a but, there is some good ideas recently and even some amazing and well done remakes like Chappie.

This is the case where new generations have the chance to live some good movie from the past in a way that is not the veneration of old but famous actors.

Now! There is some movie like The neverending story that will deserve a small revisiting even if I’m personally fell sentimentally attached to the photography of 1984 movie.

There is even movie like ET – The extra terrestrial that will deserve a monumental remake.

But let’s now reach the point of the question… Old movie are better because we are smart and we love the story… No!

Old movie are limited by old technology and even by old cultural restrictions like swearing, nudes, bigotry and similar.

I want to challenge you to say that ET is better than Interstellar… Ok. This can be a blasphemy but I just took two movies that in the moment of the distribution was the best in therm of used technology.

I’m not telling that every new movie will be always better because there is some past masterpiece that is pretty better than modern rubbish but. If you are able to make a new good movie today will be surely better than the past.


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What are you doing for the end of the world? – Chapter 3

Here we are to the third chapter of the story.

Chapter 3:
Numa and his descendant (the real one) are tied to pillar at the side of the room.
Meanwhile, Khard and his engineers are working on a strange machine.
Now, Numa is able to see the truth of what happened, because Khard has changed the
images on the wall to tell the story. It’s now clear that the Kronog was the outcome of
Numa’s past behaviour: the creatures were created at the moment of the disaster, time
spectres complete with consciousness.
If you meet their gaze, the creatures can see where you are but cannot understand if
you are good or bad.
The first creature, posing as Khard, had observed the old man so as to learn of his
mind structure, allowing him to take on his being.
«What a pleasure to finally meet the man who caused the end of the world» says the
old man who, with an smug smile containing hints of irony, introduces himself as
Artemisio Numa.
Oscar Numa observes the creatures operating the machine. «I know, I know. I regret my
actions. I can see that greed blurred my judgement from the moment I discovered time
Artemisio is about to reply when the clone approaches them: «Mr Numa, the time has
come for you to show us just how strong your conviction is to become a god».
«What do you want from me?» Artemisio answers, afraid.
«For a start, we’ll ensure that your body returns to the reunion. We want everyone to
recognise you and the tragedy that you created».
«What do you mean?» asks Artemisio.
The clone speaks. «Do you have any comprehension of what it means to float into the
time debris? To be completely without feeling – unless it’s to experience those sensations
related to death, fear, desperation and hatred? Do you truly think it’s acceptable to
encourage voyage without body and matter but with infinite, angry consciousness? Numa,
I still remember the moment of my death. I was captured by the time vortex you created. I
travelled back and forward through time, trying to find a solution to a problem I didn’t
understand. But the moment I emerged here, I knew exactly what to do».
«But why? If you had such an awful experience, why would you want to inflict the same on
other people?»
Khard looks at him and with a cold voice, explains his plan: «Because, Numa, you started
this and so I’ve invited you to watch how it plays out». He pauses. «I want you to be
sitting comfortably as you watch everyone you know die in front of you».
At that moment, a group of ghosts appear from the walls. Oscar’s heart skips a beat as
he looks into the empty eyes of his wife and son.
Khard smiles. «Oh Numa, these are the people you love most of all. And they’re just the
start. I will make sure that every one of your relatives is obliterated. They will die in
desperation, leaving your genetic heritage completely destroyed. Then when that’s done,
you and I will die together and the end of the world will be upon us».
Following this revelation, Khard links Oscar to the machine. «Now, here’s the best part. I’m
going to make a copy of you. He’s going to travel into the future, meet your wife and
then…well, he’s going to kill her». At this point, Oscar is constricted with his arms and legs
forced into an X shape.
A powerful energy passes through his body and then, just like that, he’s tied back to his
column watching as one of the creatures turns into himself.
He is absolutely terrified, but just then Artemisio whispers something to him.
The next few seconds are crucial, even if not contributing to a happy ending for this story.
Using a shaping knife, Artemisio cuts the ropes, releases Oscar, and drops a grenade to
the floor which destroys all the creatures in the room.
«Come on».
«What was that?»
«A time inflation grenade. It sent them back to their own dimension but it’s only temporary,
they’ll be back soon».
After walking for a few minutes, the two men arrive back into the main area.
«Why didn’t they destroy it?».
«I suppose they didn’t consider it a threat» Artemis muses. «But I changed that».
«Changed it to what?» asks Oscar. Here in the main room, the chaos-quantum stabilisers
(in poor condition after Khard decided to put them inside aluminium) are waiting to be
Oscar seems more confused than before. «Why are we here?» he asks.
«Well, let me tell you. Using a time machine, your mission will be to travel back and…do
something significant. But it’s important you remember some key details. You’ll meet a
version of Khard who won’t know you, a fake copy of yourself and your real self. They’ll all
be at the reunion with no idea what to expect from the future». Oscar nods.
«My suggestion would be that you kill your fake self and then avoid the kidnap. Or
something along those lines» offers Artemisio.
«What if I try to stop myself from creating the time machine?».
«Don’t be dumb. If you destroy time, you won’t achieve anything». Oscar nods, watching
the machine.
He looks afraid but, at the sound of creatures approaching, steps into the machine.
The noise is deafening; everyone must surely now know where they are.
With Oscar inside, Artemisio begins the machine’s activation.
«Wait» asks Oscar, just before the machine closes. «How can I kill a Kronog?»
Artemisio thinks about this for a moment before offering a response. «Well, don’t look into
his eyes for a start. If you manage to kill him, his soul should be sent back in time. I think».
Oscar smiles at the “I think”. Artemisio looks at him closely. «Are you sure about this?».
Oscar nods.
The older man closes the door to the machine but then reopens it quickly for a final
«Use the back door. The spy is broken so they won’t see you».
«You mean no one ever fixed that?»
«Nope!» laughs Artemisio.
Behind them, Khard, Lurath and the other ghosts come into the room. At this, Khard
swears and activates the machine; between thunderbolts, electricity, sparks and a lot of
smoke, it launches itself back in time.

– Edited by: Imogen Stirling

First chapter -> Here
Second chapter -> Here (Previous chapter)


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Movie reviews #5 – What happen to monday?

55cbc12300801ebb27214f0b07c5ebb2Director: T. Wirkola
Year: 2017
Language: English

«What happens to one of you, happens to all of you»

When the movie started I just supposed was a movie similar to Equilibrium and I supposed that this could be an amazing stuff because that was an amazing movie.

Well. Yes. The plot is pretty similar and is a good and lovable movie.

In a not really far future, due a overpopulation, the government establish an only child law that will have a 0 tolerance policy for siblings.
In a family there is 7 identical sisters who will pass their youth pretending to be the same person. Unless till…

Noomi Rapace and Willem Dafoe are the star of this  really good movie.

This is another of the long list of sci-fi movie that is going to create their plot around really common and actual problem, And guess what. You can think I’m a bad person but if somehow someone should speak about this law in the reality, I’ll really guess I’ll gonna to approve that. Well, maybe not really so strictly and not in this kind of nazi world even because at the end you will discover  the real purpose of the C.A.B. But we can be sure that this is a pretty important problem nowadays…

Is amazing even the way as the father played by Dafoe used all this powers to protect his daughters in a way that is pretty difficult and sometime hard but necessary.

It take important lights even on the relationship between the sisters and it is heart breaking every time…

Another think I really liked was the reaction of the villain when defeated. She don’t act like every other villain which start to threaten about a revenge but she just have a human reaction.

On the other side there is the villain assistant that exudes stereotypes but we can accept at the end of the movie

What I don’t like (SPOILER from here) is the insane and complex way they use for kill the siblings (SPOILER end) I don’t know why they always must to build complicated system almost like a Goldberg machine.

So now you just go and watch the movie… Enjoy.


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What are you doing for the end of the world? – Chapter 2

A week ago I published the first chapter of my first story and guess what? I liked so now, let’s go with the second chapter…

Chapter 2:
The vortex opens next to a rocky wall which surrounds an enormous city.
This place, named Akustem, was one of the last cities of the planet.

Billions of years earlier, this city was considered majestic – it contained the most advanced forms of technology. But then something happened. A giant time paradox interrupted the space-time structure, meaning that old and new matters existed in the same sphere. The laws of physics fell apart so that not even the work of Pauli, Heisenberg or Einstein could explain what would come next.

Khard is thrown outside the singularity, followed by Oscar Numa. As a prisoner, he didn’t enjoy the travel.

Let’s backtrack. Just a few seconds before, the house had witnessed the most epic kidnapping in its history. It was an operation Khard had been planning for a long time.

The b-plot consisted of a series of simple instructions:
1 – Khard needed to give Numa a bracelet that had been passed down through the family. It was crucial he was careful with this because, after 800 years, the bracelet had begun to corrode. But, if he acted too soon, it would be impossible to create the link with the desired gene.

2 – Once this was achieved, it would be possible to create a genetic modification of the offspring in order to activate the bracelet and then exert almost total control over the owner of the device. Khard knew that this gene needed to be deeply rooted, but was also aware that the taste of egg in the omelette would be perfect for masking the taste of the bimolecular compost.

3 – The deactivation of the chaos-quantum stabiliser would be essential to kill the electro-time momentum that could avoid the creation of time singularity in the house at any time.

Keep aluminium far away from this device.

These words were clearly written on the box of stabilisers of the first generation. The series C45-789-fg3 was more likely to be corroded from Al or Au particles into the cooling system.

4 – Deactivating the stabilisers allowed for the creation of a big time corridor, powerful enough to pass the time crash inside the universe.

Khard knew well that any advanced cyborg was capable of sending a huge quantity of data to any computer at their moment of death.

Note: Cyborgs are not immortal.

He looked again at the message he’d received a few minutes earlier:

Data transfer 100%
Data pack 4α-134.5.4 transferred.

The hardest part was now to collate all the data in his finger transmitters.

Now the only problem was the need to establish a huge gravity field in order to decelerate the jump and not crash into the barrier. Khard is unsure how to achieve this, and so is relieved to meet with Denis.

He confirms that all that is needed is to press the relevant command on his device.

«Mr Numa, welcome to the end of the world» says Khard, freeing his prisoner from the bracelet. «I hope you understand that you can’t go anywhere». Mr Numa looks disgruntled. «Why did you bring me here?».

«I’d like to show you the consequences of your stupid idea». Khard stands, considering this, and then amends his sentence almost immediately. «Well, okay, it’s not entirely your fault. The end of the universe is partially caused by the star beings of the galaxy sector 85u – but I’m sure you’re aware that I don’t really care about them, as they’re not even sentient».

They walk through the city while what looks like an enormous carpet of scars covers the sky above them. «In fact, it’s really just a single star» explains Khard. «A single star that is born and dies every hour or so». «I suppose you’ll tell me that could be a consequence of this time catastrophe» replies Mr Numa.

The central street of the city is busy and full of life, although it’s difficult to tell if it is day or night as the sky is split between darkness and sunshine.

Khard’s claudication exhausts him, and so he needs to sit down on a bench to relax for a while.

Behind the men is an excavation of an ancient city that’s been buried for billions of years. In its place is now a huge mountain. Everest, as it is known, was reduced to just 1500 metres and now exists as the highest mountain on Earth.

The night sky was not how Numa remembered it, for very few stars were visible. All that once were there had died.

Everything mankind knows is facing an imminent death, one which will occur in just a few hours’ time.

At that moment, something catches Numa’s attention. He sees a man watching him from the other side of the river. He recognises him as a scientist who had been at the reunion. «How did he get here?».

«What?» asks Khard. Numa points to the man and Khard jumps to his feet. «He was at the meeting».

Numa nods, looking afraid. Neither man has noticed that, by now, there is no one in the city around them. It takes Khard a few seconds to realise this change. «Oh, no, no, no».

«What’s up?».

«We have to go. But listen to me, don’t look into their eyes».

«Whose eyes? Where is everyone?».

«They are at home» replies Khard. «Nobody here stays outside after sunset».

The men spend almost half an hour walking through the empty city before reaching the base of a tall hill. They are trying to avoid the figures now moving around them.

«We must to reach that house» says Khard, indicating to the building at the top of the hill.

«What are those creatures?» asks Numa.

«Time ghosts. They are echoes of past lives that managed to cross the fracture».

Numa nods. «And why can’t we look into their eyes?» he asks, as some of the creature appear on the road next to them.

«They are vapours of energy and consciousness.They are close to total entropy and can’t easily read our minds. They become aggressive if they don’t understand why we’re looking».

The stronghold is surrounded by a ruined gate. «I suppose this once was beautiful before the cataclysm» Khard says as he climbs over the ruins.

A scream shatters the air next to them. A woman is standing by one of the ghosts. It’s difficult to say exactly what happens next, but safe to say the woman will now always be catatonic: the creature absorbs her energy almost instantaneously.

Automatically, Numa makes a move to help her, but Khard stops him before he does something stupid. Still, it is too late: the small movement has caused the creatures to sense their presence.

The cry of the creature is deafening and creepy and resonates deep inside the pair.

Khard blocks the door of the house they’ve run in to, but knows it’s not enough to keep the creatures away for long.

«We must get to the centre of the building» Khard urges, while Numa closes each door they go through behind them.

The central room is completely circular.

Images on the wall depict the cataclysm and the events that follow.

-The ghosts emerged from the fracture and almost exterminated the planet. Few places survived. The people called the creatures: Kronog. They started a war against the inhabitants of the planet and learned how to defend themselves. They had to hide from photons, but at night it became easy for them to walk into the cities-

After a few minutes, the creatures can be heard approaching. Numa and Khard need to move.

«How can we survive them?» asks Numa, as a young boy appears in the room.

The boy is dressed in a form of armour – or perhaps it’s more relevant to say, an exoskeleton. He may well be a military force.

«Khard, the machine is almost ready».

«Thanks Lurath» responds Khard, who has begun to operate a computer screen. «Mr Numa, Do you know of a phenomenon called the Hundredth Monkey Effect?».

Numa nods. «Yes. It says that if an idea is thought by a large number of people, then the idea will start to expand faster than ever».

«Fantastic» replies Khard, while activating some sort of engine. «See, ideas are easy to plant, but what happens if one can directly transmit images or compose information?». Numa can’t understand why Khard is remaining so calm amidst the chaos.

«Creatures that exist in the time vortex can’t leave it. They are like fish stuck in pipes, they must wait for some generous person to make a breach in the pipe and free them».

The creatures are, by now, incredibly close – but the man is still speaking as though nothing is happening. He remains composed even when another exoskeleton-clad man enters the room, holding a prisoner whose face is covered by a kind of hologram.

«Of course, we all have you to thank for allowing us to live freely outside of standard time» says Khard. He looks directly into Numa’s eyes as he gives the order for the face of the prisoner to be revealed. It is the exactly copy of Khard: a hateful imposter.

At this point, it’s hard to understand who is the copy of who.

– Edited by: Imogen Stirling

First chapter -> Here (Previous chapter)
Third chapter -> Here (Next chapter)


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