The prime directive and lost humanity

keep-calm-and-follow-the-prime-directiveI’m an huge star trek fan. I like it for its background more than its space structure.

Maybe you don’t know but the whole structure of the opera is based on a utopic civilization which work only for the self determination.

It have a lot of difects but we are going to look this in another moment

Otherwise in his space component there is an aspect I always hated: The prime directive…

This is the most sacred pillar of the federation and basically prevent the captains and crews of the federation to interfere with the evolution of species that still didn’t evolved a interstellar space travel.

This mean that if a specie is in risk to be destroyed by a natural disaster or a war or a technological problem we can’t help them.

Well! That’s a fictional structure but let’s think for a moment that this is a real scenario.

How can you, a captain, an explorer, a person that want to see different things, stay there to observe the destruction of a spiece because you done an oath?

How can you basically make an oath on a similar directive?

Personally I couldn’t. Because if I see someone in danger or in the arms of a bully idiot damn if I’ll try to help him.

Is for this that James Kirk is one of my favorite captains, because he try to help everytime he can. He broke this oath because is the right thing to do.

Awfully this is the mirror of our community but I really hope that the concept of exploration could change from tourism to travelling because there is the key to use progress for help other people.


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Books and movies – When languages are mixed

f356355c1634839cf42769e7f30905a3-97-10-great-adaptations-of-books-to-moviesThe wonder grow with the growing of the vehicle. I don’t remember the author of this sentence but is the best that we can use in this contest.

One of the most epic battles between art lover is movies versus the books. Which one is better?

Well! Let’s try to give a bilateral answer: Could be really easy to say that book are better because in movies they cut half of the story. No my dears. In the cinematographic version there is a group of experts which read the original story and decide that most of the parts are not suitable for a movie script.

A movie or TV series have its own grammar rules and you can understand how can be destructive for a movie to be filled in details like a book.

Now! In general we can assume that the book is more complete than a movie because it allow you to stop in a moment bit longer than a movie can do… But, in the other side a movie has the advantage of visual with the power to describe a place better than written words.

You can say that a good director could enter in the mind of a man and a good writer can easily describe a place but we know that the art environment is not only filled with Tolkien’s and Spielberg’s so we can think about medium artists in this case.

There is even another spear to break in favor of movies. Let’s think about a movie like The arrival… This movie is born from a short story. Do you know how is difficult to create a 2 hours script from a few pages story?

Or even The hobbit trilogy. Peter Jackson has transformed a small children book into a 9 hours trilogy. Yes! If you are a Tolkien fan you know that he added several parts from a bigger book but the main plot was the There and back again story.

We can otherwise say that in general is better the original opera because the creator filled it with his time, research and passion and is pretty difficult to replicate. There are movies that are awful if compared with his original version and I’m pretty aware and agree with this. In the other side I discovered a lot of books only because they made a movie about.

This shouldn’t absolutely be an excuse for the awful missing of ideas in the actual cinema that is seems to be unable to create its own operas but let’s some author the amaze to see its opera on the big screen.


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Passengers – When the AI is not enough

passengers_posterDirector: Tyldum M.
Year: 2006

Today I watched Passenger and honestly I thought worse. I supposed was a kind of hollywoodian sci-fi action movie but we can immediately enter in the distressing moment of a big danger.

At that moment I was thinking on the gargantuan work behind that kind of technology. Thousand of people who engineered a massive structure able to undertake such travel independently…

An AI able to understand how to operate in case of a threat. Honestly I could only say that maybe they could set a group of people that could wake up sometimes in the journey for check the ship even because as an AI could be complex it will need the human touch. due their limitations… but their choice.

Then arrive the empathic part when a man alone facing the dead choose to bring another person in his curse literally stealing her life…

There is another character, well. There are two really but let’s speak about the barman, a robot. In some way it help the protagonist in some human decision but they know that it is only a machine so they start to kidding it, in fact I supposed for a bit that it was a kind of HAL 9000 upset for the way they treat it but fortunately they didn’t do this. Could be pretty bad.

Now start all the part about catharsis because at once she find out that he ruined her life. So after that they save the ship and the journey of 5257 colonies they found the way of being happy together. Even when he can save her she chose to pass the rest of the life with him.

What I didn’t like is the capitalism applied to the concept of bringing the mankind across the universe. Yes yes! I know that in the reality will be like that… But maybe not and the Homeland corporation literally bought a planet and the colonies will be slaves cause they should give part of their income to the corporation.

I’m pretty sure that could be a better plot without this forcing.

And for the god of sake… Andy Garcia… He is Andy Garcia. A oscar-nominated actor, a big actor and in a high budget movie like this he have a role so short that is you sneeze you miss him… And I’m not joking. He have a 10 second mute cameo… WTF?


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Arrival – The power of words

Premise: The movie is the adaptation of the short story Story of your life by Ted Chiang.

arrival-f-poster-galleryDirector: Villaneuve D.
Year: 2016

«What is your purpose on Earth?»

Honestly before to start the movie I was scared that could be a sort of indipendence day. You know? They attack, we attack, is war, most of us is dead… We have to celebrate…

I was pretty happy to see that this is an amazing and deep story that show us how a first contact should be.

I can say otherwise that is on the same line of contact, the Carl Sagan novel as well as Zemeckis movie.

The main topic of the movie is the language and the different way that different civilizations use for communicate.

They come here to help us and we don’t understand until the end.

But one of the most interesting concept of this movie is the use of time because the beginning let you calculatedly misunderstand part of the movie but at the end every dowel find his room.

Furthermore, is interesting because it let you understand stuff about linguistic that you don’t know (At least, I didn’t) and is a pretty different way to approach the science fiction.

I have only a think to say to Ian Donelly. At once he read a piece of Banks book

«Language is the foundation of civilization»

Then he say… «The cornerstone of civilization isn’t language. It’s science»

No my dear… Even if math is a language to all effects (And this is the key to understand the movie Contact), and despite I am a man of science, I understand that without a basic and common level of language, the science couldn’t exist.


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Influencers and messages

moviesmokingThe original idea was to speak about smoke and cinema but I guessed was good to expand all of this to a bigger concept so. Let’s speak about society and messages.

Is always been common to see in cinema the act of smoking. Is mostly matter of showing class, power and charm and let me say f***off!

This is the worst message you can give to people… You can rightly say that people always done this. Well! Yes and no.

I mean that actually are the VIP’s the people who influence the society. Young guys try to emulate and make idols of them and if this people send a wrong message guess what,this message is get.

So this post is for all the influencers. For who have a blog, youtube channel or everything that allow you to tell your stuff to the world. You influence people so keep attention on the messages you give


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Video games, art… And Minecraft

I know that this is not a gaming blog but I think that this blog is forced because I’m hearing so often about people who waste bad words on stuff they don’t know or understand.

Can video games be considered arts?

As everything the right answer is depend. We must to give a definition of art and the best concept we can do is: everything that grow emotions in another person… I think that this is the most honest definition we can give of that.

Now. There are obviously video games that are just a stupid mess of people that kill them self and for any of this I can say that few are really able to catch your spirit.

I think that people love and play some important title only… Because they are important titles.

Furthermore there is some product that is able to  improve your skills and somehow teach you something… Because yes, even video games can teach something if they want.

There are game like Civilization that teach you the possibility to reach a goal even without war but simple increasing the progress. There are games like Hitman, or Splinter cell that offer you lot and lot of different ways to solve your task.

These keep you involved into the solution of the ambient around you that is quite better than simple shoot around killing everyone is around you.

And at the end there is Minecraft. I even think that this can be considered more than a video game… Minecraft is a good idea. Is a wonderful idea.

It digitized the concept of Lego bricks and with the low starter budget you have a game that is constantly evolving.

Minecraft accompanies the child into constructive and not destructive challenge. It help the adult to spend sometime in an absolute external world when he can build his own world and temporary escaping from the world. And all of this creating astonishing structures and never ending worlds…

It is for all the ages and tastes and I want to say to all of the people that say that is a game for idiots that this brand sold more copies than all of the most famous game sagas… Toghether. And think that is born as independent stuff and became a cult in few.



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Considerations about living with your art…

Hello fellow! Welcome back in 2018. Sorry for the week without posts but I just needed a short break.

Premise on the post: This post doesn’t mean to be disrespectful in anyway,is only a personal consideration about fact and discussions that run around internet

Few days a go I was on facebook and I found myself involved into a particular conversation.

The topic of conversation was working hard and make a living in general. Some people think that the only way for being a good and reliable man is to wake up early in the morning going to work 12-15 hours in factory or office and then come back exhaust at home (be clear that I don’t mean to say something about this, I’m very respectful for the people that do this. I want just to make a consideration that will follow shortly), then this guy was in particular speaking about people who make a living just writing or having a kind of income by internet.

I understand that sometime can be frustrating that someone make a living, and sometime more, in a way that is pretty easier than other but in the moment than a person is able to convert his passion into something for him well, as person you should be happy for him even because there is people as J. K. Rowling who went out from a really different situation just spending a lot of time trying to convert his passion into something that breached in the heart of most people.

There is otherwise people who think that art is regardless nothing. They suppose that is only a passion that people should follow and an artist should just “find a real work”. This is the people that act piracy only for the fact that they have the right to have for free something…

For you I have few suggestion: Don’t go to cinema, stop to listen music, don’t play video games… Don’t go to see football matches or any other sport, don’t read books, comics or any other sort of visual opera. Because all of that is what you should consider nothing


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