Time travel movies… Short list of ideas!

Time travel is one of the most loved genres in the sci-fi because you can operate with the movie in a lot of possible ways.

No! I’ll not go to speak about Back to the future because I cannot say more that everyone in the last decades did. Don’t misunderstand, I think that this is one of the most beautiful movies never made and is not possible to attribute any defect (even all the paradoxes I guess are made only for getting easy to write a plot) and if we want just to speak about the only think that nobody understood in the movie is about two people that meet a dude in their past and then they have a child similar to him and they don’t remember??? WTF!

By the way there is a branch of this that is even better for the screen players that is the time loop and there is a massive quantity of operas involved in this, No I’ll not speak about looper or Frequency cause this movies are so well known that will be useless and you know that I like to let people to discover unknown operas.

So let’s start…

Yeolhansi 11 am [Korean movie]:
Director: K. Hyeon-Seok
Year: 2013

A group of scientists discover the time travel and for test the machine they send a dude few hours in the future. When him arrive there is the hell around. A massive tragedy is happened in this hours. He came back in the past and the whole group will try to figured out what happen letting the time running.

Of course, as any magnificent opera with a good ideas could miss an american awful copy? Not! Because in Netflix you can find the movie “Paradox”.


Predestination [By the R. Heinlein story: …All you zombies…]:
Director: Brothers Spierig
Year: 2015

A whole lifetime is a massive loop for a person who don’t have ancestor nor descendant.
Everything about his life is only about him and his time police career.
This plot, more than everyone else introduce the concept of inevitability because the main character of the movie is the snake that eats his own tale forever and ever… The Ouroboros.



«Understand you are more than an Agent. You’re a gift given to the world through a predestination Paradox. You’re the only one free from history, ancestry.»

«And what happens when that day comes, when I have no knowledge of my future?
Well, then, like everyone else you’re just going to have to take it one day at a time.»

Déjà Vu:
Director: T. Scott
Year: 2006

Action movie with Denzel Washington where our hero try to find a terrorist through a machine which can see into the past… Literally.
When he discover that HE CAN SAVE HER will start the main part of the movie when he will try to…

Being a time travel story we can see the concept of: «What if I already done?».

Well! If you like the crime fiction this is a beautifull movie…

Director: S. Carruth
Year: Primer is non leass than a wannabe documentary about two guys who discover the time travel and make a lot of experiments about moving days in past and future… A mess if you don’t pay lot of attention like I did!!!

Edge of tomorrow:
Director: D. Liman

Tom Cruise get the power of restart the day every time he dead and he must to fight against an alien invasion helped by the blonde —soldieress— and the classic group of nonsense people who generally save the world dying and dying and dying again.

Now I’d like to speak about a short story that I read few days ago.

The author is a blogger Antony Vicino and the story is Extant and essentially he see the time travel as a normal human capacity but nothing is easy in the nature so will be love and death and tachyon overdose and… Well read that I cannot spoil a whole short story.

I liked cause in his structure it remembered a 2006 anime called: The girl who leapt through time when even here the time travel was a body facility and even here, like in the Vicino story there was a limitation about the use of that.

I think that in the Extant universe could be have place even the most famouse Nippo time travel Hiro Nakamura from heroes because, as in the story, for time travel he BLINK and… for sake… He does it beautifully.

I spoke in a previous post about Hiro… If you are interested about him go to look in all my posts that I’m poor and I need traffic on the blog… Naaa I’m joking here is the post.

Only a think I must to say to Antony… Antony, The cover. When I saw the cover I supposed was something like the end of the world… Something like this

But you are the writer and the story is so good so we can pass over that!!!


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Book vs eBook – Choose your side!!!

This is the question of the questions for the reader lovers.

We have who want to fight deforestation, who is romantically involved into traditions, we have the geeks and the fashion people who want to follow the tech of the moment.

For one reason or the other we made crusades for defend our way to approach the literature.

Personally I’m on the side of the progress and I see in the digital reading the future but… …read the post.

Let’s start to analyze the reasons of the choose:

Ok yes but… We want to speak about the perfume of the pages? [Yes I heard this! I’m not inventing]
My dear. Do you read for learn stuff and getting involves in stories… Or for find a chip way to sniff all the day?

Well, I caught the point… But think about can hold a material book in your hands!
Yes. I prefer the book sometime. Mostly for my favorites stuff, even because actually there is not a good system for e-reading (we gonna reach this point later in the post) and actually is a bit uncomfortable the way of digital reading but we are only at the begin and we can be sure that soon everything will be improved even because we can think in the way that is pretty easier to save in digital way works that in the time could be lost

Ok, you almost convinced me… But the battery?
Really? This excuse is little and pointless…
Nowadays we can reach the electricity from every point of the civilized world.

Well guys, this are the three main points of the conservative people.

As I told before, I’m for the progress and so let’s go for my points, the ones involved in a informatic choose:

Yes! Is boring! But this is in my point of view a significant considerations for this choose.

Now you can retype: Yes Bro! Even you foul up if you buy a tablet…

You are fully right! I gonna pay for a technological instrument obtained through pollution and industrial processes… But there is way and way to approach this point.

We can take a tablet and keep that even after the new model release, we can buy a second hand model or a lot of different options is this way we made an investment for the future.
Off course if you change tour tech every time something new is coming…

Yesss. This is the main topic…

By the moment that a file cost six or seven time less than the book everyone should be involved in this direction.

Simple simple… Would you think about have thousand and thousand of books in your hand respect stocking them on a shelf that you could full in other ways?

3 reason why for each bell, and now I’m gonna to tell you the real fact of the choose.

Nowadays we just starting to read digitally and actually the system for do that is actually pretty incomplete but as every technology it need time to grow up and became part of the society


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Book review #3 – Perfume – The story of a murderer

Author: P. Süskind
Year: 1985
Language: German
Original title: Das Parfum – Die Geschichte eines Mörders

A man with an astonishing sense of smell doesn’t emanate any kind of own smell and here start his journey to create the perfect smell.
In the French of early 1700 a child is born into a roller coast of smell and dirty and this is the base of his peculiarity.
He have an astonishing sense of smell and after passing the childhood in a orphanage he pass by owner to owner creating perfumes for a lot of perfumers until, during an hermit period he understand that his peculiarity is stranger than he supposed so he start to kill young woman for find the secret of the smell.

This book is really important for me because is the first book I read that left me in love for a plot. Is hard to read if you are young, I used a lot of time for reach the end but it was worth it.

Well, really the first book that I loved was the Hans Christian Handersen tales book but “The perfume” was pretty different, you can follow me in this.

You fell the dead, you fell the smell of a dirty city in the 1700 and you are involved in all the environment of Grenouille.

When he pass a long period of time in a cave creating is own mind world created by odours and perfumes you recognize yourself while you was creating your own world when you was a child.
When all this amazing universe collapse while he understand that he doesn’t fell any smell coming from his own body you are sad, really sad and really empathy because he almost reached his heaven but anything is gone in a second.

This is my favorite part in the whole book I guess.

Summing in the last I guess that this story is the observation of what’s happen when someone transform a greater passion in a crime. Yes at the end this is the hidden plot of the opera.

When a person consider the purpose more important than the way you want to obtain this.
Well! Süskind explained us this.

They made even a movie in 2006 with Alan Rickman and Dustin Hoffman and I guess this could be considered a proof of quality or at least the fact that a movie is not properly bad…


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Short series review #2 – The boots at the end [With spoiler]

Director: Christopher Kubasik
Year: 2010
Language: English [US]

I discovered this series few weeks ago and I really watched all the episodes in half day.

Is short, is really short and the cost of the production in low, really low because is totally played at the table of a diner and is only totally spoke.

There is this man called “The man” and there is people who pass through the table for speak with this man that you can find 24/7.

The purpose of the deal is the following:
People want something, everything, from money, to the healt of a relative or just simple love and the man promise to give what they want but they must to do something around the city.

Sometimes he ask to rob a bank or to make a bomb or simply to disappera for few days without leave messages.

You will not watching the people for filling their tasks but you will have enough elements for use your imagination wile you see them to create a spiderweb with the other characters.

The man (Played by Xander Berkeley): We don’t know nothing about him but that he must to be neutral and he don’t show emotions when he gave the tasks to his “costumers” even if that are disgusting or immoral.

We can guess he is a kind of angel but we cannot be totally sure, is never solved his mystery but at the end of second season…

The series is a two season opera and I don’t think they are going to make another one.

Onestly is not a masterpiece or something you gonna expect but is a good way for pass an afternoon…


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Harry Potter, Game of thrones… And the fantasy!!!

Why did Harry Potter and GoT had this amazing success in the last years?

Ok! They are amazing stories but I guess that this is not the main reason…

I think that that we can see the answer in the way that Rowling and Martins used to approach with the concept of fantasy.

Since J.R.R. Tolkien wrote his massive operas he created a closed box where fantasy floated for long long time.

After him, every fantasy opera was involved in the same stuff: Dwarfs in the mountains, elfs in the woods, a prophecy, a child hero with a kinda companion and a mission that is sometime so simple but he must to go in the opposite part of the world passing though the whole world.

After this is arrived dungeons and dragons an all this games that simply encourage this box to stay closed…

But then arrived uncle George and aunt Joanne who thought: Well! Why we don’t broke this box and we create an opera who bring from the fantasy only a partially component but we create something different…

So is arrived -ASOIAF- A massive story that took components from the fantasy and from the real story on a world created modifying somehow the UK map, than he took the Romans, he built the Hadrian’s ice wall and he left on the north this enemy that is a bit white and a bit blue… A bit like the flag of Scotland. #ThenightkingofScotland.

Martin was able to teach history in a goosedumps plot.

And after we met the bespectacled wizard in his amazing world made by friendship, love… and racism. I guess that the HP value was to speak about a common topic but in a way that even children could follow.

Now I want even to speak about the other motivation of the success of HP (Premise that I like the opera but I’m not that such fan who read the books and watch the movies thousand of times)… Everithing that J. Rowling passed in her life was terrible but she was able to turn all her emotions into something of amazing and this is something she deserve that we recognize…

Now! Even in this two operas there are some elements about the classic fantasy but they are merged in a hidden and amazing way and I don’t even telling that they are perfect because nothing is perfect but they were able to recreate a genre so I hope we could see soon something of similar again…


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Blink #1 – Shadows in the darkness

The blinks are really short short short writes that is possible to write and read in few minutes…

The sprite running on the wall:
There is a black sprite, is not wicked, only nosy.

You can see him while narrowed eyes and he jump from the corner of the room to the wall imperfections.

You watch eachother and he disapperas as soon as you open you eyes. You know well that you won’t see him again but as well you are sure that next time could be a dragon, a spaceship or any other stuff.

In the darkness you can immagine everything but you will see only what you want.

I saw a sprite… What will you see?


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Ray Bradbury and the butterfly effect – The sound of thunder [Short story]

Author: Ray Bradbury
Year: 1952
Language: English

In his basic definition the chaos theory say that more a system is complex more a small variation can drive this system through the chaos.
Well…If you study physics you can say me that the basic basic definition is: Everything go through the chaos but this is a bit not even close to the meaning of the post so let’s go with the previous one…

You didn’t get? I made an example:
Imagine a bridge made by a single wooden board. Now if you hit the center of this board you’ll broke this and for get this result you essentially made a massive change in the system.

Imagine now an hundred card castle. If you take out a single card all the castle will collapse but in this case you get the same result with a smaller variation.

There is a part of this theory who study the variation of a system trhough the dependence on initial conditions.

We know that the science fiction is built on the real science if not will be just fantasy.

And yeah. A prelude as «Small causes can have larger effects» that is the smaller sunt of the theory, can open an infinity of narrative solutions and Ray Bradbury got the point really.

Time travel is the perfect way for evolve this concept.

So! Now follow me:
In the future the hunters have the possibility to make safaris where is possible to kill a single animal who will die in few second… A dinosaur in his own time.
But what happen if for error you smash a butterfly?
Nothing immediately but in the rally of million of years that butterfly will be the starting brick of a unbelievable card castle of events that’ll bring to the mankind as we know today… Well no more. Thanks hunters!!!

Even Hiro Nakamura in Heroes touch the point of this possibility… Fortunately he is more regarded than this idiots.
And a similar story which involve dinosaurs and time travel is the episode 2×21 of “The real adventure of Jonny Quest” that titled “The edge of yesterday”

The story is just a short story but in his be short it became a cult.

Well! I know nowadays, nobody give a fuck about this story and the plot, but in the past it was so cool to give the name to a whole mathematical study and was the base of the time travel fiction as we know today.
In fact I guess that nobody knew that the “butterfly effect” name came from a few page story

At this point I’ll accept any critics if you’ll told me that there is something older than this who touch this points. Just actually I know this story as starting brick of such narrative structure.

Now! As I told before is a short story and I don’t want to quote all of that but I won’t let you without the quote that feature all my reviews:

«The first human isn’t born yet. The Pyramids are still in the earth, waiting to be cut out and built. Remember that. Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler… None of them exist»


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