The penguin lessons

Well! Here we are. The first post. I though for long how this should be. I supposed was a great idea to start with a short post of presentation of the blog but I thought was better to start immediately with something important.
At the end of the matter I decided to invite you in my world giving the review of my favorite book. So what else to say: Enjoy.

Author: Tom Michell
Year: 2015

Is a true story and an auto-biography so If you start with this concept and you read the plot on the back you can guess they are kidding you but please have the courage to read this and you will not regret.

This book speak about the astonishing friendship between an englishman who live in Arentina and Juan Salvador, the penguin who changed his life.

Tom is a teacher in an English school in Buenos Aires and, in a holiday in Uruguay, he find Juan mired in a oil puddle where all the other animals are dead.

Somehow Juan capture the attention of the guy who decide to bring the penguin with him with the idea to put him back into the sea the day after but we know that life is not always easy to plan and the penguin start a relationship with the man that decide to bring him in Argentina in a travel that can’t be simply be defined epic.

In few time Juan Salvador is the mascotte of the school,he will leave his print into the life of the students, mostly of the shy Diego who will broke his shell thanks to the penguin.

But after all the most important fact about this friendship is the evolution of the point of view that Tom have about the mankind and the world.

As I told before, in the title page is write “A true story”. Well I smiled when I read for the first time but then I can say that is a kind of likely story even because is seasoned with reflections of the author about the impact of the man on the environment and a lot of funny funny moments.

I’d like to share an extract that I personally liked.

«I had little doubt that what I was witnessing on this beach was the inevitable consequence of a hideous collision of cultures. When the instinctive, annual compulsion of seabirds to migrate met a vast, floating oil slick dumped at sea through human thoughtlessness and greed, there was only one possible outcome: The utter and complete annihilation of those penguins. This would have been indescribably ghastly had it been the result of an accident. That it should be the result of deliberate actions taken in the full knowledge of a likely consequences defied any kind of rationalism or acceptance»

I really liked the book for the empath link that you create with the friend story and I really suggest that because his go into a deep rank of arguments: Travel, friendship, environmentalism. Well, we can say that everyone could be happy.


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