Clouds in the night


I have two questions for you:
1- Have you ever played to “shape the clouds”?
2- Have you never slept at the drift?

Well! The other night in a trekking I were doing both and I saw a magnificent show.

In the day the clods are really well shaped from the sunlight and your immagination is only partially involved because you must to work on known shapes.

But in the night the light is poorand your brain have to work more and more and here is the magic. You and only you can limit the clouds and so they can get even more shapes in few minutes.

Personally, in a big big cloud passed over my head I saw a long movie and a lot of different character. They were even moving in the theater.

Ok! We have a small chance that I’m passing in a periond of not really high mental sanity but I know what I saw and was extraordinary.


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