Football stories #1 – Scotland vs England

June 10th 2017 – [2-2]

Oh my god, oh my god. Since my friend told me:

«Luca! I got your ticket»

Obviously related to Scotland-England, I passed all the time thinking about it.

There is another little speeches that can explain the epic of the day:

«Luca! We are gonna meet at platform 5, Haymarket»
«Perfect. I’m Here! Shall I wait for you at the platform?»
«Luca! Platform 5 is a bar»

Ok! Was not properly an essential conversation but was epic and funny, I thing at least, so I tried to catch that in the post and this is the best way…

But let’s continue with the main story.
I used to watch some British match at the stadium, I went twice to the Millwall den, and once at the Hibernian Easter road but they never was as this match.

Well! Nothing but the Derby in my city.
Torino – Juventus is a particular match mostly for us. Because Juventus is the main team of the country and they are really really powerful.

We didn’t beat them for 21 years till finally in the April 29th 2015 we done an amazing and perfect match.

Now. You will surely asking why I speak about this. How in the hell is linked with Scotland-England.

Well! It is because is almost the same situation.

Scotland have passed many years trying to beat the arch enemy but they are England and we now. They are really powerful but not superior.

Scotland played with the heart and so made an amazing game when inverted the result in two minutes and in the final a defense error costed a lot. Shame! Next time.

I really hope this will happen soon even because everyone know that this is more than a match, is history, is battles, knights, castles and men with blue faces and Tennents… Of course, and stuff like: «Match scarf for the match day».

The think I really liked about England was to see my Hart from live that is always look good.

Let’s close the story with the main motto of the Tartan army:

«We will coming down the road!»


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