About me & the blog

Hello folk. My name is Luca.
I was born in Torino, a little city under the Italian alps.
I never been a good student and after realizing that the academic path was not for me I moved in London where I lived for the past 3 years. An experience that let me understand that maybe was better to go in another city and now… Well, now I’m in scotland and I love that.

For long long time I read about people that left everything for travel in the world following that little voice that 4 million of years ago urged a group of intrepid proconsuls to left the forests and explore the world, creating the mankind that nowadays drive the planet.
Unfortunately, during the time, the mankind imprisoned that voice and simple destroyed that desire so today we are not more than machines.

So I thought: «Why not? Why don’t travel and tell to the people how fantastic is, why don’t write about my travels?». My idea is to urge a lot of people to follow this desire. So here we are.
But you know, this is not the only goal of my life.

When i was younger, in a rainy and grey evening, I started to write a story. In the time it became longer and longer till I started to have a really massive explosion of ideas for every kind of stories.
After this I have a lot of other little hobbies as football, movies, beer, whisky, purring puppies, spaghetti, science and massively everything is connected with those.

Now you will be surely, and fairly, thinking that at least in the night I could stop to be a pain in the ass… … …Eh… Not really, because my hobbies involve all the 24 hours of the day because when I sleep I try, not yet very successfully to walk conscientiously in my dreams.

-The blog-

Summing in this blog you will find art, a lot of art from the photography to the literature passing through thoughts, some reviews and maybe, sometimes, even ethical questions.
So, Man, if you accept to follow this my project you will accept to go for a multi-topic argument but i can ensure you, will be an amazing and unique travel that we can make together.

English is not my native language and I’m strugglingly learning but even if I live in UK from a lot of years and I’m getting involved into the slangs and common sayings, I really use an Italian structure for a lot of the sentence. So please, just be patient and with time I swear you I’ll be a perfect English writer.

So please, feel free to correct me. I’ll appreciate that due I can learn a lot from my errors.

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