About me & the blog

—About me—

Hello folk. My name is Luca.
I was born in Torino, a little crazy and beautiful city surrounded by the alps… I like to tell that them are the Ice crown of a queen but this is not the place to speak about cities, we are here to speak about me… And I know that deeply you prefer to not but I’ll do.

After a disastrous attempt at the university I understood that Italy was too small for me so I said good bye to everyone and I moved into UK.

Initially in London I found in the big capital an astonishing city big enough for me and for my needed but the reality was that was not really the ideal place for a long time staying then I choose to move in Scotland and I found in Edinburgh the amazing and lovely city when actually I base my life. I can say that is cold enough to remember me my Torino and culturally different enough to let me be involved into the understanding of a new culture and lifestyle.


When i was younger, in a rainy and grey evening in Brighton, I started to write a story, was a short story. In the time it became bigger and bigger till I started to have a really massive explosion of ideas for every kind of stories.
Actually I have a .txt document with a long long long list of ideas created in the years and little by little I’m working on reducing them.
After this I have a lot of other little hobbies: I’ma football lover, I love movies, beer, whisky, purring puppies, spaghetti, science and massively everything is connected with those.

Now you will be surely, and fairly, thinking that at least in the night I could stop to be a pain in the ass… … …Eh… Not really, because my hobbies involve all the 24 hours of the day because when I sleep I try, not yet very successfully to walk conscientiously in my dreams.

—About the blog—

I love to speak about movies, books and generally to make reviews about. Even because there is a lot of operas that are not really known and here I am. But I’m also a writer and I like to publish my stories as well.

No ads, no pop up and no buttons for a next page that only force you to press for read the rest of the post.
I believe that a blog is a windows where you show your skills and passions so have to be clean, tidy and sexy… Well maybe sexy no but… Why not?
I know that a lot of people open the blog only for fill up this with ads and “make the big money”. Well good luck…

English is not my native language and I’m learning but even if I live in UK from a lot of years and I’m getting involved into the slang and common sayings, I really use an Italian structure for a lot of the sentence even cause all my colleagues and friends find this really funny and they see in this my signature. So please, just be patient and with time I swear you I’ll be a perfect English writer.
So please, feel free to correct me. I’ll appreciate that due I can learn a lot from my errors.